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Why Single Ladies Born In 80’s & 90’s May Never Get A HUSBAND Soon

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Published on: June 16, 2015

image1. Many ladies will end up being single for life because of the media exposure: It is so disheartening how a lady will glue her eyes on a mobile phone from morning to night, only to raise it up to focus on television to watch another celebrity entertainment channel. Tell me, what else will dominate this lady’s mindset if it’s not how to live a fake celebrity life being promoted on television channels?

2. Many ladies of nowadays dislike cooking and doing home chores: Just because they have been totally brainwashed by movies showcasing men playing the role of women in a family. Now, with this kind of attitude, how do you expect a man to desire to marry you when he knows pretty well that he is only buying more headache and trouble rather than a helper for himself?

3. Modern fashion and craze for gadgets is a great barrier to most ladies finding love and marriage: How do we explain a single lady whose only desire in life is to acquire the latest clothes in town, the latest mobile phones and ipads to the detriment of her woman worth? How can a single lady maintain this lifestyle for long without bowing low to immoral lifestyle? How do you expect a man from a responsible family background, and who is in his right senses to propose marriage to a lady whose utmost desire and concern in life is to acquire costly electronic gadgets, clothes, jewellery, perfume name them. Of course, majority of men would like to date such a trendy lady for fun and show-off, but wouldn’t want to propose marriage even if she is earning the money by herself because her expensive lifestyle already is a big turn off to most responsible serious-minded single men. Only men that are out for fun will be closely attracted to her, and her chances of getting a marriage proposal from them is as slim as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

4. Excessive make-up turns most decent and serious-minded men off: If you have observed, you will discover that most men dislike excessive make-up, and more don’t even like it at all. Excessive make-up makes you look like an Egyptian Mummy. A slight make-up is okay, but if you are out for marriage, try always to look simple and natural, it will attract better men, decent and serious-minded men. Unless you are still living in your high school life and not thinking towards marriage.

5. Cut Down Your Participation in social network sites: If possible, limit your use of facebook and twitter accounts because they may be doing you more harm than good, but you wouldn’t know until you hit 35 years plus and still single and searching. No man would want to marry a lady who jumps from one social network site to another because it is a clear sign of an unfaithful lady or about to be unfaithful, yes, that’s how men view it. Who are you to have a thousands of friends on facebook, same on twitter, maybe on wassap, 2go, twoo, BBM, badoo, eskimi, and you are not even a celebrity?

6. Stop Giving Your Number Out To Every Dick & Harry! No man would want to propose marriage to a lady whose phone is always ringing. A girl who is always on phone talking, chatting and laughing. You are out on a date with a guy, but you keep on texting the whole date. Who is she texting anyway? Same goes for you. Flip your phone over or turn it off. It’s just disrespectful. Keep away your phone You may not be a playgirl, but he would judge you as one, and will likely flee at the slightest chance or disagreement.

7. You Don’t Bring Any Value Into The Life Of Men You Date or Are Dating: Because your best friend married without contributing anything to the man that finally married her doesn’t mean it will work for you that way. Think and work towards equipping yourself so that you can be of value and also add value to his life. The kind of value that will convince him that you are worth committing to. Adding value to his life isn’t by giving him money or material gifts, nope….good counsels, being his best friend, helping him attain his goals in life, lending him moral, mental and spiritual support, and by not just being a liability that only bring requests and problems to be solved.

8. Your Friends Run Your Life: How do you expect to find a husband when you still allow your clique of friends to be dictating which man you meet is worthy of your love and which one is not? When will you wake up and face the fact that even though those best friends of yours cherish you, most of them wouldn’t want you to get married before them or you to get married to their best man.

** You Lack Manner, Character, Wisdom and Good Home Upbringing: Definitely, you are a ‘hot girl’, a ‘pretty girl’, a ‘s3xy girl’. Looks will win you so many men, both good and bad, but your inner beauty, your character and manner are the greatest things that will determine whether any of these men will stay or run after accomplishing their evil missions.




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