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Sadhus The Holy Peace Warrior

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Published on: December 30, 2015

SADHUS who inspired early Rastafari also wore their hair in dreadlocks, shunned worldly possessions, while constantly smoking copious amounts of marijuana to elevate their consciousness within the unconscious world in which they were forced to live. Rural Jamaicans adopted the use of GANJA from their Indian neighbors. Despite ganja receiving illegal status in 1938, Jamaicans still smoked and ate marijuana, also brewing it for teas and tonics for its medicinal purposes. Original Rastas did not utilize biblical scripture for the justification of the use of herb. These teachings were brought on later in the growth of Rastafari..

India’s wandering holy men. They have renounced their worldly life, said goodbye to both their possessions and their families, and now lead a life of celibacy, ascetic yoga, and a search for enlightenment.


GANJA is the HINDI word for cannabis sativa brought to Jamaica and the Caribbean by Indian indentured servants derogatorily called “coolies.” Indians and Indian shamans called SADHUS have consumed ganja for thousands of years as a household remedy and the heightening ones consciousness.




JA Ras Testament:



Disclaimer: I do not smoke nor promote the use of any such substance. This article is only for recreational enlightenment – to each his own.

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