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Johnny Ringo

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Published on: January 17, 2013


I used to listen to a lot of sound systems and sound clashes. Especially 80’s reggae sounds which feature a lot of live artists tossing lyrics at each other while defending their respective sound.

There is a whole art to sound clash which I will not get into details as it is not for everyone.

One of the early legendary reggae sound systems was Volcano with Johnny Ringo (R.I.P) as its native DJ.

Johnny Ringo is one of my favorite artists as his lyrics delivery was intelligent and sometimes slack whether on wax or live and direct.


Checkout the massive re-fixed track below:

((O))Johnny Ringo – Galang Ringo – Bassline Movements re-fixed


Side note: Before there was a Killermanjaro, Stone Love, Bass Odyssey, Body Guard etc… Volcano wore the crown prior to these earlier sound systems.


Johnny Ringo live on Lee Hi-Power
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