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Hurricane Sandy

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Published on: November 13, 2012

aftermath captured through the eye of a camera lens spoken through the text on this site


One of the most devastating storms to strike the Northeastern U.S. in decades occurred on October 30, 2012. This superstorm left hundreds injured, over 50 dead, thousands without homes, millions without power.

Hurricane Sandy Brief Summary:

NYC 43 deaths reported.
Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City with maximum sustained winds of about 80 miles per hour according to the National Hurricane Center.

Wind speed in New York
-96 mph: Eaton’s Park
-90 mph: Islip
-79 mph: JFK Int’l Airport
-74 mph: LaGuardia Airport
-62 mph: Central Park

About 111 homes were destroyed by a wind-fueled fire in Breezy Point, Queens, where severe flooding prevent fire trucks from reaching the blaze.
Public transportation suspended as underground subway stations were covered in water some with the water level reaching the staircase entrance. Debris from the streets got wash onto the track. Tracks sustained power lost.

Buses unable to run due to down trees and power lines

Gas stations unable to function for days as power went out. Once power was restored the line for gas was backed-up for miles on local roads. Those that was unable to drive stood in-line blocks long with all type of containers imaginable from buckets, water, detergents bottles etc…

Hustlers scheme of flipping financial gain by selling a gallon of gas or container for 10 times it’s actual value.

Gasoline was a sure precious commodity for approximately 2 weeks from the date Sandy first hit.

I am most grateful to be able to compose this article in good health with a roof over my family and I head and no report of much lost (power outage for 5 days) after experiencing the wrath of this storm rocking and knocking on my doors and windows.

Prayers goes out to all victims and anyone that was affected by this natural disaster.

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